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Stainless fasteners

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Stainless fasteners from ALFA-STAR

Our company offers a large selection of construction fasteners made of high quality stainless steel. These are small parts designed for strong fastening of individual elements of different structures, devices, mechanisms. It is from the fastener that the safety and quality of operation of the received devices depends to a greater extent. Stainless steel is resistant to all kinds of harmful effects of corrosion, mechanical vibration. The products last a long time and are reliable in any operating conditions.

ALFA-STAR company provides customers with a wide range of fasteners. In our catalog you will find the products you need:

  • stainless steel anchor - by its technical properties meets all norms and quality standards and is suitable for use in various structures, objects.
  • stainless steel bolts of different sizes are used in almost all types of installation work. They attach parts made of wood and metal.
  • stainless steel nuts - are made of high-strength metal resistant to corrosion, which allows the products to be used in any conditions, including at very high humidity. At the same time, they do not rust, do not deform. With nuts, steel washers are used.
  • other types of fasteners - clamps and rods.

Advantages of stainless steel fasteners

Stainless steel is a high-strength material, optimally suitable for the manufacture of fasteners. Its main advantages are:

  1. The products are made of absolutely pure material, they can be used in the production of medical equipment and equipment for the food industry.
  2. The products can withstand very large mechanical loads.
  3. High resistance to corrosion and various chemicals allows the use of fasteners for the manufacture of those structures that are designed to work under water or in an aggressive environment.

Pipe clamps, bolts and other types of fasteners are used in construction, in the manufacture of furniture, special equipment, automobiles, equipment for the oil refining industry, marine and river vessels.

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