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Materials for cutting and welding

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves

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Materials for cutting and welding

In industry and construction, many works cannot be performed without the use of one of the welding or metal cutting technologies. For these processes, special equipment is used, which is completed with the materials presented in our company's catalog.

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steel electrodes are actively used, they are specially selected taking into account the connection materials. The electrodes are fixed in the welding machine, they connect metals firmly and reliably. Also, specialists engaged in the assembly of various structures, structures, and equipment need steel welding wire. It can have different thicknesses, the choice is made taking into account the nature of the work.

No less important for many repair, construction, installation works is the metal cutting process, in which the part is divided into parts, acquires the desired shape. For the quality of cutting, the level of equipment, the accuracy of its operation, the ability to accurately and quickly cut products made of the hardest steel, other metal is of great importance. Our company offers several types of disks, circles, which are selected taking into account the task of use. Buyers can order cutting discs in stainless steel or black, which is also actively used in the manufacture of parts, structures. The disk will cut the material exactly along the right line smoothly and at optimal loads. Circles and discs are very durable, withstand heavy loads and can cut for a long time. To correct the edge of the cut parts, to trim it will allow stripping discs.

After welding and cutting work, it is often necessary to clean the scale, grinding the welding seams. High quality of such works will be provided by stainless steel brushes – durable and easy to use. They can also be bought from us at an affordable price.

The availability of various materials for welding and cutting in our assortment makes it possible for specialists to immediately select the necessary materials and ensure the implementation of technological processes.

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